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10 Signs of Addiction

1. Powerlessness

A pattern of returning to old, undesired behaviors with negative consequences even after we have committed to stop. 

2. Tolerance 

The need for more and more of what we desire as we chase after the object of our affection. 

3. Withdrawal  

An emptiness, sadness, anxiety, itchy restlessness, and unsatisfaction when we don’t have the object of our affection.

4. Preoccupation

Thinking, planning, fantasizing, mental longing, and obsessive thoughts about fulfilling the longings of our heart.

5. Loss of interest

The loss of interest in social activities, other people or interests except for the relationship.

6. Unmanageabilty

Negative consequences—physical, social, mental, emotional, legal, family, occupation, education, financial, spiritual—that make our life feel out of control.

7. Solutions that turn to problems

What once used to seem like the solution to our problems turns on us and becomes the greatest source of pain. 

8. Compromising values and convictions

Acting in ways that go against your personal values and convictions for the sake of the relationship. 

9. Hiding, Avoidance

Hiding the relationship from others or avoiding others because you know they won’t approve.

10. Denial “I don’t have an addiction!”

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